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E-Learning to maximize your learning. 

We have adopted industry standard competitive e-learning  management systems to keep our students  on track.

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E-Learning to maximize your learning. 

Intellect  Accomplishment  Integrity

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Earn your Advanced Level Cambridge Exams ogether with a diploma in Accounting and Business in just 15 months.

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Oxford Brookes Bsc Degree + ACCA Qualification = Amazing Oportunities

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Warm Welcome...

Welcome to Access Business School. 

Here is where we turn your dream of becoming a competitive accounting and business personnel into reality. We nature our students from the A-level, step by step guiding them in the right path to success. We pride ourselves in our ability to turn students into competitive graduates in a short period of jsut 3 years.

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A Word From The Principal.

“Your life is Your Message to the World.  Make it Inspiring.” – LORRIN L. LEE Welcome to Access Business College An effective school requires the coming together of many people

Access Business School Welcomes You.

Welcome to Access College Admission Page Deciding on a school/ college is an important decision involving many factors. Ultimately the school/college has to be the right fit and should produce

Access Business School

Why Choose Us?

We are motivated to keeping the fire of educational breakthrough alive. Through this motivation we have invested our efforts to adopt to current educational limitations. Al this to ensure we produce tomorrows leaders in business and accounting.

Achieve Your Goals Faster

This is the motivation behind Access Business School. You can achieve your Advanced Level Cambridge and Diploma in Accounting and Business in just 3 years.

Industry Leading E-learning Systems

We have put a lot of effort into building the right learning conditions for our students. Geographical location is not a limitation for us, you can learn from the comfort and safety of your home.

Your Lecturers Are Availble To Help

Get to know more about the business industry through the experience of your lecturers. They are available and more than eager to assist you.

Its More Than Just A School, Its A Community

Get connected with people who share the same vision as you and achieve your goals much faster. Create business relationships that last long.


In just 15 Months...

Earn your Advanced Level Cambridge.

And In 3 Years...

Diploma in Accounting and Business

Earn your first degree in Accounting while studying for the ACCA Qualification. All suitable entry routes are available. 


Be taught by experienced leaders that are active in industry.


High quality education.


Study with direction.

Boost Your Career by Learning Business Skills that are High in Demand


Trusted by Thousand of Students and Tutors

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