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“Your life is Your Message to the World.  Make it Inspiring.”


Welcome to Access Business College

An effective school requires the coming together of many people and the combination of a complex array of programmes and activities. School life is always busy, dynamic and exciting.

It is important though to be reminded that the primary purpose of any school is to promote student learning and ultimately increase achievement.  Everything we do must contribute to improving student learning.  

The learning atmosphere at Access, provides learners with the scope to develop not only in particular learning areas but also in the key competencies (Critical Thinking,  Participation and Contribution, Managing self, Relating to others).  

Students need to receive an excellent education that will result in them obtaining relevant academic qualifications.

An equally important area for the development of young people is to become valuable, participating and contributing members of society.  Learning how to live in a community with an attitude of service and according to a set of positive values, will provide a sound basis for a rich and rewarding life experience.

At Access College we put the learner first and respond to their learning requirements.  Students are provided with interesting and varied learning experiences to cater for different learning needs and rates of learning.  Students work collaboratively with teachers, and they are actively involved and take responsibility for their own learning.

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you to create a school culture where your child develops to be a successful learner for life. 


Access Business School